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Highly Skilled Planning & Scheduling Coordinators

Turn your business around with the help of TurnAround & Project Solutions Inc. in Red Deer, Alberta.
We provide skilled Planning and Scheduling coordinators for oil and gas businesses throughout Alberta.
Gas Plant - Planning Coordinators

Our Services Include:

 Project Execution Management—Managing the Project or Turnaround
 Budgets & Estimates—Determining the Cost of your Work
 Facilitating Meetings, MOC's, Hazops, RBI's and more.                                                                        
 Supervision—Bringing in Supervisors to Head up Areas within the Facility or Project
 Shutdown & Startup Support—Shutting down & Starting up Facilities.

Full Turnkey Operations

        We can supply you with a complete management planning and execution team, and will utilize your software to plan, schedule and execute a complete shutdown or help implement planning software suitable for shutdowns and projects (software of choice is ImmpowerSP and will be upgrading to TAS/C in 2015) . We work with you from initiating the project, work list/scope development, planning and scheduling, plan job package (PJP) development, through budgeting, trade group/manpower procurement, material ordering, we offer highly skilled Area type supervisors if required, or train onsite staff, we can manage all pre work, execution work, and manage all post work requirements as well as proper closure of the turnaround and or project.


We provide you with managers and planning coordinators to round off your existing team, as well as specialists that can be placed into whatever role you need. Every member of our staff is well versed in Microsoft™ Office™, and diverse other planning tools and softwares.

Contact us at (888) 985-5987 in Red Deer, Alberta, for trained logistics coordinators ready to make your business a success.